Lincoln Way Transition House (Frankfort)

Lincoln Way Transition House (Frankfort)

Lincoln-Way Transition House
310 Colorado Avenue
Frankfort, IL 60423

Phone: 815-806-4660
Fax: 815-806-4664

The Lincoln-Way Transition House is a community-based transition program designed to assist young adults with special needs in their transition from school to adult life. The Transition House represents a joint effort of the six Lincoln-Way area districts and the Lincoln-Way Area Special Education Cooperative.

The LW Transition House is programming for students 18-22 who need additional support and/or training in transition skills. Students attend the program during the school day. In addition, classrooms can continue to reserve space for teaching and generalizing skills.

As well as classroom programming, the LW Transition House is utilized for after school activities and meetings. The LW Transition House is not a residential facility.

The LW Transition House is a fully functional home, with a kitchen, bedroom, laundry, and bathrooms. Classrooms who reserve space at the Transition House may work on skills such as: cooking, cleaning, bed making, gardening, yard maintenance, safety skills, etc. The house provides an environment for students to enhance functional skills and increase independence.

Students who participate in the 18-22 program, will have the opportunity to learn in a natural environment while working on skills in the areas of: personal finances, planning/organization/scheduling, grooming/self care, household management, social skills awareness, community involvement, health and safety, career development and post-secondary education and training.

For further information or opportunities to join this venture, please contact Mollie Frick at 815-806-4634.

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